A General Power System Topology Analysis Package and Its Applications


Power system network topology analysis is a basic function in the Energy Management System (EMS). The task of traditional topology analysis function is mainly to build bus and island models for online network analysis modules, such as state estimation, contingency analysis and dispatcher power flow. In this paper, some new topological objects in the power system network, including bay, loop, route, etc, and model type of node, bus, extended-bus, primary bus and primary extended-bus are abstracted. A power system topology analysis (PSNTP) package is addressed based on the abstracted concepts. The package is implemented in a general way by applying several basic graph theory algorithms to different model types. Functions and interfaces provided by the package are listed and some ways to improve the package’s flexibility and efficiency are discussed in the paper. Application examples in Supervisor Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) and state estimation modules show the package’s validity and value.

International Conference on Electrical Engineering 2006